What precautions to take when renting a camper


In order to confirm their reservation, your tenants will have to pay a deposit usually amounting to 30%.

The safest method of payment remains the transfer. Checks can also seem practical but be careful in case of check sent to the last minute, make sure that the payment has been received before the day of the rental date.

Some sites specializing in renting between people offer you to manage your rental receipts and thus can avoid any problems of payment. They also allow you a wider choice of payment tenants (some accept holiday vouchers). Verify the seriousness of these sites, they must have a license from the Bank of France to manage your transactions.


The deposit can cover the loss and/or damage to the inside and outside of the vehicle. The amount of the deposit varies depending on the amount of maximum insurance deductibles, generally between € 2,000 and € 3,000. You can return the deposit on the day of return of the camper or a few days later, if your lease stipulates. Some websites specializing in renting between people, manage to offer you the security deposit. Do it right and you will be stipulated prior to your first rental!

The inventory

The status of starting places is a step that should not be overlooked: take the time to explain everything about your motorhome to your tenants (allow at least 1 hour) and perform a complete inventory. Consider also noted the city from both directions. A precise inventory allows two parties to avoid any misunderstanding the return of your camper. After your campsite, take the time to do a complete vehicle as it carried out.

Key elements of the inventory:

Start with the outer parts: sides, roof, side skirts, cargo, accessories (solar panel, door bikes). Specify any scratches and dents. Check inside your motor, check the cleanliness, test the closet doors, the operation of valves, the state of the bedding – upholstery and curtains, etc. It is advisable to make interior and exterior photos of your RV.

Signing a lease

When you rent your motorhome, it is strongly advised to sign a lease agreement with your tenant, which contains the exact terms of the transaction (duration, amount, payment, deposit, authorized mileage). It is advisable to call on rental professionals between individuals because their contract model is generally approved by legal experts.

Once you have taken all precautions, you will not have to worry about anything, leave from your tenants with confidence!