With the RV through Canada

Not afraid of a camping tour

In this article I want to take all camping beginners fear of a tour with the camper. Based on the questions that are asked by my readers, I realize that it is the uncertainty before the first mobile home tour is great. Why just Canada is a perfect destination, which appear questions when planning and why you need to have no fear, I will show you below …
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Our first big camping trip went for 3 weeks after Canada. This land is perfect for RV newbies. But there are so many great countries for camping, why it is perfect to go with the camper through Canada?

  • The flight lasts 8-10 hours, in contrast to New Zealand or Australia a no brainer.
  • Rents for campers are cheaper than in Europe – there are great deals for early booking or last minute booking.
  • In each region, a large number of public and private campsites are available.
  • There is plenty of variety for nature lovers – lakes, mountains, waterfalls, hiking trails.
  • The streets are wider than in Europe, which makes it easy for one to go with a camper.
  • Canadians are very relaxed and helpful if you have any questions, they are happy to help.
  • In Canada, no extra license over 3.5 tons is required, that is, the normal German driver’s license is sufficient.


Canada is a country where this traveling is made easy. Nevertheless, we have had thousands of questions before the first trip. The answers we have culled us the tourist guides and the Internet. With the emails I keep getting, I see that my readers have the same questions. Therefore, I would like today to show that you need to have no fear if it is with you “With the RV through Canada”. Therefore I dedicate myself here the three most common questions from readers.